Rick Newlands 2013 - 2017

Internet Links page:

Rocketry links:

United Kingdom Rocketry Association

The organisation overseeing rocketry clubs in the U.K.

Airborne Engineering

Rocketeer Jim Mac and his team have now gone professional, and are based at the Westcott rocket test site.


One of the U.K.’s leading amateur rocketry societies

M.E. links:

Action for M.E. - A U.K. M.E. Charity.

Health rising - Cort Johnston’s eloquent explanations of current medical research

Phoenix rising - A leading USA M.E. Website.

Invest in M.E. - A U.K. group who are trying to do something.

M.E. Research U.K. - Does what it says.

MeactionUK - reporting on the travesties of the treatment of UK M.E. sufferers by the psychiatric community.

The hummingbird’s foundation for M.E. - Tells it like it is, though it’s not pretty. Not for the nervous!

Whittemore Peterson institute - caught a lot of flack for falsely linking XMRV to M.E, but they’re doing their best, and they got M.E. out in the open.

Celestial mechanics

Robin Hague’s U.K. rocketry organisation

Andy Elson adventure engineering

Experience in adventure project management and space capsule design.

Copenhagen Suborbitals

Some very talented engineers with the same goals as I have.